Saturday, 21 March 2009

St Patrick's Day

The day before St. Patrick's Day, on Monday 16th March, I noticed the owners of a pub down the road had put up on their front wall a large fabric St. Patrick's Day banner. It took a while to notice, but I realised it had the incorrect date on it - Friday 17th March. I suggested that the banner would be in that case quite old as last year the 17th fell on a Monday.

As the cider flowed and we pondered some surrounding issues in the pub over the road, I realised it could be possible that the banner was from the future. But then I couldn't work out how far in the future a Friday 17th would be.

This got me thinking.. remember at the end of 2008 they added an extra second onto the year to account for the Earth slowing down? (Which was pretty amazing in it's own right). Well, perhaps the landlord was actually a brilliant renegade astrophysicist who had worked out, accounting for EVERYTHING, that in 2009, 17th March was actually on Friday and he was making a stand.

Either way, I didn't go in as the banner wasn't ironed that well.