Wednesday, 1 April 2009

King Kong

Mike did well to remember a rant I did the other night:

Q: "Is King Kong based on a true story?"

A: "What do you think? If King Kong was based on a true story the news and media as we know it would be changed forever. No matter what happened in the last century, the media would always find a reference to the time a giant ape kidnapped a leggy blond and fell to its death from the Empire State Building. It would be more newsworthy than WWI and WWII together. 9/11 would be overshadowed too, 'yeah, 3000 deaths in the World Trade Centre collapse is pretty bad - but do you remember the tragic loss of that misunderstood primate that time forgot? I mean... WHAT WAS THAT??'

It would also have an irreversible effect on the way we build our skyscrapers now, hence why we have unclimbable Gherkin and City Hall. The designer of the Gherkin commented: 'Basically, if you've got a Kong scale 1 or 2 then it will be fine. But a scale 3 or 4... then you're fucked'."