Friday, 5 June 2009


I awoke a full 30 minutes before I had to get up this morning. A relief. I closed my eyes and slowly sunk back to sleep. It felt like I was out for ages, I had long complicated dreams and woke up with a start, worried that I'd overslept.

Bizarrely, about 2 minutes had passed since I'd last looked at the clock. Fantastic, but slightly disorientating. I did it again, and again dreamt of fiery horses and swarming colours - and woke up with barely a couple of minutes passing. I did it again and again and began to grow convinced I had tamed time itself. How could I harness this power? Could it be used as a weapon? Could I save the world by controlling crop growth, the weather, the very shifting of the Earth's plate? Time is controlled by the spinning of the Earth through space - is me nodding off effecting that? Could a distant observer see the planet stuttering and shaking controlled unknowingly by my sleepy eyes? Was I unknowingly causing the planet to rip apart as I slept as the rock and seas strained under the force of the massive shifts in gravity and rotation?

My thoughts got darker and darker and more complex. Before I knew it, I was about 25 minutes late.

(Out of interest, I subscribe to the theory that dreams are your brain filing away the thoughts of the day - a brief spark of electricity in the brain that flashes thoughts, emotions and images all at once. The Human brain being what it is can only make sense of these by remembering them within the boundary of a story, or at least within a structure it inflicts upon the random mess. That's why they are surreal, and tend to blend in the waking noises you hear - the postman at the door, the alarm going off, and the smell of sausages.)