Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Cuckoo

I've discarded a few little ditties that I'd have liked to have been on the new album - bridges between tracks, hidden poems and the like. You know the sort of thing. One of them, the brief acappella title track (think Sparks' 'Propaganda'), had to be left off after I got a letter from Rodgers & Hammerstein's people. It was a little too close to that lonely goat herd song from 'The Sound Of Music'. True story. Anyway, here's one that was just a bit much. Not especially fantastic, but nicely sums up the exhausting summer '09.

'The Cuckoo'

"Everyone has done quite well out of me"
Said the cuckoo as he looked from his tree.
And spied his feathers bedding the nests of the voles
And spied his beak chippings fixing up holes

And down in the boats of fishermen sailing
his claws holding up rigging and joining the railings
To be kept out of doors locked with his own bony keys
in anger he swooped down from the canopy

Ah! But to cut off your nose to spite your face
and an eye for an eye - there'll be nothing left in their place
And the cuckoo fluttered off gracious and thought knowingly:
"Yes, everyone has done quite well out of me".