Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I.T. Fellow

Last night I needed to top up my internet dongle thing having run out of credit the day before. I got home to load up the free service provider website in order to enter the pin code I had purchased. When I turned on my computer a pop up popped up saying I had updates to install. Lovely. So I clicked 'install' as I waited for the internet to load up. Unfortunately, the update was a new version of Internet Explorer for me - I casually clicked through all the bits to install it, only getting as far as the total removal of my old version of Explorer. Because I was not connected to the net (I had not topped up my credit yet) it couldn't fully install the new version. So in effect, I had removed Explorer and not replaced it.

Ah. So, I was in a position where I had to download Internet Explorer in order to top up my internet in order to be on line in order to download Internet Explorer in order to to up my internet.

I am the M.C. Escher of IT.