Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Album 3

Just as the second album ('Railway Architecture' on Blow Up Records) has been released, we thought we'd try a little experiment especially for Silvery enthusiasts of the future. Here's a track listing (as rough as you like) how I envisage SILVERY album number 3 to look. Bearing in mind not a note as been recorded yet and the songs existing in various states of disrepair on various formats (several are up on blocks contained within a few of the dozens of Silvery demo minidiscs dotted around, some have been stripped down to their chassis on my 4-track tape recording machine, others are rusting and covered in ivy on tape cassettes in a shoebox under my bed) but each is a winner and in contention when I looked at the vast catalogue of unheard titles. Who knows, maybe none of them will make it onto the third album, maybe a handful will be submitted for use by Pixie Lott and N-Dubz. Maybe names will change as rebuilding continues. We just don't know. But at the moment, this is what 'Life & Non Life' looks like:

We Are Sound (brisk)
Ahoy Hoy (brisk & droning)
Uncatchables (lively)
Simple Harmonic Motion (lively)
S.S. Watertown (heavy plod)
The Crompton (brisk)
The Growing Up Song (mournful)
The Round Tail (sweeping)
Building A Garden For A Blind man's Child (sweeping)
Life (lively)
Non-Life (non-lively)
Seasick (sweeping)
Heave / Ho (fast)
The Britpop Wars (clumsy)
People Aren't Evil (cute)

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