Sunday, 30 October 2011


Now the clocks have changed what better way to spend the dark evenings than at a cosy Science Lab Disco? Selected for a combination of reasons. Bizarrely, most were first heard in shops and bought on the spot (hello Mr Bungle, hello Battles, hello Thrones), others were found after years of research into tunes heard played on the TV (seriously - that turned out to be Moby on the X Files? FFS) But generally, these tunes have funny keyboard solos. And that's all that counts. As we prepare for the SUPER SPECIAL SILVERY CHRISTMAS PODCAST (expected nearer Christmas - we're not Marks N Sparks) this should keep SILVERY PODCAST fans with a more open mind happy. PODCASTETTES? PODCASSETTES? Yes, PODCASSETTES it is then. And as a special treat, there is no talking.

1) Henry's Cat - JONATHAN HODGE
2) Golem II - The Bionic Vapour Boy - MR BUNGLE
3) Face Of The Planet - THE SUBS followed by the Goblin King
4) Drowning In Berlin - THE MOBILES
5) Atlas - BATTLES followed by Queen
6) You Could Easily Have Me - METRONOMY
7) The Serene Branson Song
8) My Weakness - MOBY
9) Once More - THE ORB
10) Obolus - THRONES
11) Blue Jeans - LADYTRON followed by Sparks

Serving suggestion: Winter work drinks, bunsen burner fun, fireworks party in space, on the bus back from a dumping.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Recording News

Hello, how are you? About time we had some SILVERY recording news isn't it? Yes. The story so far, like at the beginning of Star Wars:

SILVERY, Album III: 'A New Hope' 

The Imperial Senate sent mediocre indie bands into every venue in the Empire and times were tough for our little unsung hero pop stars.  At the request of a small pocket of loyal members of the Black & Silver Livery fan club, a brave band of musicians decided the time was right to start the fight back. It had been a while since 'Railway Architecture Struck Back' and the distant 'Thunderer & Excelsior Wars', so the Silvery rebels made their plans.

They started doing some bits and bobs in the summer just to get a few odds and ends out the way. Recording started in their small forest rehearsal room moon and also in Earth's Livingston Studios (REM, Bjork, Yazz) with Silvery dark tape lord, Darth Feazey (Yes, I'm mixing up the metaphors here..). You may have already heard the rather misleading rough mix of in-joke 'Shimmy Shimmy' which was a new tune they started doing live at the beginning of the year and briefly made available on Bandcamp - I think that will come out properly at some point. B side or something.

Indeed, I still think it's a summer indie disco smash. They recorded a couple of other things They'd been doing in concert (around Mos Eisley Starbase, presumably) like 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' and the near legendary 'Horrors Shuffle'. The problem with 'Mountain King' is that every fucker had done a version of it. Ho hum, never stopped them before I guess. Tee hee. Anyway....

(Camera pans up to reveal a huge Indie Star Destroyer silently gliding towards the distant planet Rockunroll...)

So yeah. I think that's the b-sides sorted for the next batch of singles. This week however, work has begun on album 3 PROPER. As I write, the main chassis' have been glued together already on 5 songs in the new Silvery locomotive works (Shoreditch, just up the road from where the fabled 'Thunderer' sessions happened) with another 5 or 6 are expected to be ready by dinnertime on Friday. Of course, I've said that sort of thing before and things have gone a bit LOL. The plan is to continue working on them all over the next month or so, on and off, to see where they go. First reports are good. The exciting bit: Working titles of new tracks include 'You Answered Your Own Question' (think 'Riding Along On The Crest Of A Wave' meets King Crimson), 'The Ronald Opus' (Sparks playing 'Union City Blue') and 'Creature Of Comfort' (Scottish Funk). Being a somewhat nostalgic old sort, a couple of the other songs lined up to record include the previously thought forgotten SILVERY folklore classics 'Seasick' (Syd Barrett's own pocket 'This Is A Low') and 'Charge Of The Light Brigade' ('The Drowners' player backwards by XTC) which date WAY back to the earliest Silvery fumbling on the London stage. Those days under fire from bubble machines and wearing trumpets and flags or whatever it was we did at those gigs. Like the previous album, some old songs just seem to fit in with a body of material so out they pop from those dusty corridors of minidiscs and cassette demos. Yeah I know, business as usual.

Usually I just preferring to get on with it and emerge blinking into the light with a finished album but hey, it's 2011 now and I've got  phone which lets me sit and scribble this sort of thing. When I'm not playing Angry Birds on it that is. I wish it was the pigs being fired at the birds. They seem nicer. I think I tried to do some similar studio blogging ages ago when we were doing 'The Nishikado EP' but the predictive text thing was like "SAY WHAAAAT?" all the time. Stupid phones. Oh, another oddity is the ACTUAL SONG called 'Thunderer & Excelsior' (I love it when bands put album title tracks on different albums to the one with the same name - indeed, potentially, this new album could have the unissued title tracks to the previous two Silvery albums. Now that would be a super question for a pub quiz). As an aside, this is very much feeling like making a PROPER album - the previous ones with hindsight were a bit of an experiment. I mean, what the fuck is a mixing desk? Don't we just play? And what's that flashing red light?? This one is us actually thinking "Let's make an album". So using the laws of pop physics, it will sink without a trace. But I must say, what a fantastically fun thing to do.

So there we are really. Dunno when it will be out, but we seem to release an album every other first weekend of August. So get your HMV vouchers ready for 10 months from now. If HMV is still around. Which I doubt. You'll probably have to buy it in shoe shop or something. And no, we haven't gone all 'SOLE' MUSIC on you!!1!!111! Oh and the cover will have a picture of me in full Flashman finery. That's a Silvery guarantee. P.S. Live stuff: Dunno really. You know us. Although I'll say now, I CANNOT wait to play some of these new ones live. Might even not open with 'Horrors' this time around. Cheerio then. XX

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Baaaam! And then there were two. Still just checking the equipment works and still trying to get the temperamental cassette recorder to play. But it all sounds great to us. With the Shoreditch Park Oktoberfest going on all round him, James sits in his tin can on the hottest October day since TIME ITSELF BEGAN and plays another batch of favorite tunes - this time loosely based (MOON BASED!!1111) on Space. But a very SILVERY idea of space and space travel. One shared by 70's Lego and HG Wells. This then is SPACE DISCO.

'Terrahawks End Titles' - Richard Harvey
'Hang On To The Highway' - Bowie / Deep Purple
'Non Star' - Big White Stairs
'Sleep All Eyes Open' - Cardiacs
'Booths Dry Gin' - Barry Gray
'Far Out' (Beagle 2 extended version) - Blur
'She' - Swimmer
'Chile Farm Farney' - Sparks
'Dolly' - Suede
'Hey Leanne' - The Aliens
'Runaway' - Queen + Paul Rogers / Del Shannon
'Over At The Frankenstein Place' - Rocky Horror Picture Show OST
'Flying Saucer' - The Wedding Present
(With help from Richard Burton, Jeff Wayne and Serene Branson)

Serving suggestion: In space, inter dimensional travel, the number 11 bus.