Sunday, 30 October 2011


Now the clocks have changed what better way to spend the dark evenings than at a cosy Science Lab Disco? Selected for a combination of reasons. Bizarrely, most were first heard in shops and bought on the spot (hello Mr Bungle, hello Battles, hello Thrones), others were found after years of research into tunes heard played on the TV (seriously - that turned out to be Moby on the X Files? FFS) But generally, these tunes have funny keyboard solos. And that's all that counts. As we prepare for the SUPER SPECIAL SILVERY CHRISTMAS PODCAST (expected nearer Christmas - we're not Marks N Sparks) this should keep SILVERY PODCAST fans with a more open mind happy. PODCASTETTES? PODCASSETTES? Yes, PODCASSETTES it is then. And as a special treat, there is no talking.

1) Henry's Cat - JONATHAN HODGE
2) Golem II - The Bionic Vapour Boy - MR BUNGLE
3) Face Of The Planet - THE SUBS followed by the Goblin King
4) Drowning In Berlin - THE MOBILES
5) Atlas - BATTLES followed by Queen
6) You Could Easily Have Me - METRONOMY
7) The Serene Branson Song
8) My Weakness - MOBY
9) Once More - THE ORB
10) Obolus - THRONES
11) Blue Jeans - LADYTRON followed by Sparks

Serving suggestion: Winter work drinks, bunsen burner fun, fireworks party in space, on the bus back from a dumping.