Sunday, 2 October 2011


Baaaam! And then there were two. Still just checking the equipment works and still trying to get the temperamental cassette recorder to play. But it all sounds great to us. With the Shoreditch Park Oktoberfest going on all round him, James sits in his tin can on the hottest October day since TIME ITSELF BEGAN and plays another batch of favorite tunes - this time loosely based (MOON BASED!!1111) on Space. But a very SILVERY idea of space and space travel. One shared by 70's Lego and HG Wells. This then is SPACE DISCO.

'Terrahawks End Titles' - Richard Harvey
'Hang On To The Highway' - Bowie / Deep Purple
'Non Star' - Big White Stairs
'Sleep All Eyes Open' - Cardiacs
'Booths Dry Gin' - Barry Gray
'Far Out' (Beagle 2 extended version) - Blur
'She' - Swimmer
'Chile Farm Farney' - Sparks
'Dolly' - Suede
'Hey Leanne' - The Aliens
'Runaway' - Queen + Paul Rogers / Del Shannon
'Over At The Frankenstein Place' - Rocky Horror Picture Show OST
'Flying Saucer' - The Wedding Present
(With help from Richard Burton, Jeff Wayne and Serene Branson)

Serving suggestion: In space, inter dimensional travel, the number 11 bus.