Tuesday, 22 November 2011


A special podcast this one. For me, anyway. It all started sat in our old lounge listening to Queen's Greatest Hits on fucking huge headphonesstaring at their miserable faces on the cover. Some 25 years later Queen are up there with Lego, train sets and our long dead dog as symbols of happy times. I cannot believe this week marks 20 years since Freddie Mercury bought the farm. I'd recommend you remember the 20th anniversary of his death by sticking on that first Greatest Hits album (you've got it - you know you've got it), but if there is a little piece of your heart that still needs some more Farrokh Bulsara in it, I'd be honoured if you gave this a spin. Certainly not a greatest hits, but some favorites from the VAST Queen back catalogue. Even some unreleased rarities any discerning Queen fan should own. Not quite HIFI, but certainly interesting. I fucking love Queen. Always have, and even with a less than satisfactory 40th Anniversary reissue programme complete, always will. You silly geese. XX

Mustapha (From 'Jazz', 1978)
Interlude (Including Carnival Midway - as heard on 'Brighton Rock', 1974)
Ogre Battle
The Fairy Feller's Masterstroke
Nevermore (All from 'Queen II', 1974)
Goin' Back (Larry Lurex, 1973)
Interlude (Including Killer Queen instrumental, 1974)
My Fairy King (Valencia 'Queen Tribute', 2003 - Originally on 'Queen', 1973)
I Can Hear Music (Larry Lurex, 1973)
The Great Pretender (Freddie Mercury solo single 1987)
Interlude (Including It's A Hard Life, 1984)
Polar Bear (circa 1972)
Silver Salmon (circa 1972)
Hangman (Live, 1976)
Interlude (Including Play The Game - Baby Mix, originally on 'The Game' 1980)
Let Me Entertain You (From 'Live Killers', 1979)
Rock It (Prime Jive) (From 'The Game', 1980)
We Are The Champions (Oktoberfest Band)