Friday, 6 January 2012


Films. Final part of the review of the year. Books and music are just through here. No attempt was made to remember all of them some and presented here in no particular order - some of the films that got a look at in 2011. Note - Film 2011 With Claudia Winkleman was a joke. An absolutely hateful joke.
National Lampoon's Dirty Movie - Just a series of dirty jokes and crude comical sketches. I loved it.
Super 8 - Bid of a disappointment considering what it promised.
Insidious - Couple of scary bits, the end was a bit weak.
Final Destination 5 - Genuinely one of the best movie franchises out there.
The Mechanic - I love Jason Statham. I don't know why and I don't know how it happened.
Killer Elite - See above.
Thor - Liked the bits on Earth. The bits in space were rubbish.
Transformers 3 - As a Transformers purist I'm amazed how much I like this franchise. I also think the Tom Cruise War Of The Worlds is one of the better adaptations. There are no rules to this.
Cowboys & Aliens - Should've been a whole lot better. Good to see Harrison Ford dressed as Han Solo again.
Attack The Block - Genuinely the worst film I have ever seen. Absolute shit.
Unknown - I don't like Liam Neeson but his films are excellent. Should've put Statham in it instead.
Paul - So so. Turns out that Pegg bloke is a dick. A shame.
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - Never liked the franchise one bit. This seemed OK but confused the matter even more when you think about it.
Contagion - Grim, but better than Perfect Sense which was essentially the same film. Even the tit count in it couldn't save it.
Bad Teacher / Horrible Bosses - I get confused remembering which is which, but it's OK as they were good. Horrible Bosses wins though.
Source Code - Really super. Highly predictable but good with it.
Captain America - Real good. To be honest, as long as I'm eating and warm, I'll end up liking anything. I've bored myself now. Toodlepip! xx