Thursday, 1 March 2012

Glam Sandwich & Electro Flares

You Need This Record! I was amazed I couldn't find a download of this on line, so hey, did it myself.
Following the success of the great Junk Shop Glam revival of the early 2000s with superior compilations from the RPM label (check out Velvet Tinmine and the brilliant Boobs) came the flood of copycat low budget cash ins (check out the almost brilliant Blitz The Ballroom and Glitter From The Litterbin). Like all great musical movements, then came the bootlegs in the shape of Killed By Glam Vol. 1 and 2 (you can find these here) and then this beauty, collecting up flip sides of singles already featured on previous compilation and new discoveries. Split roughly halfway between uptempo stompers and almost jazzy instrumentals (like a really fucked up, glittery, Low) it seems like it runs out of steam halfway through. It may well do (there was space for other classics of the genre not compiled before - Go Go Thunder's 'Mrs Mann', Rescue Co. No. 1's 'Esmeralda', anything stray from the great glam blogs) but we know better. Until I get my act together and compile my definitive Junk Shop Glam STOMPILATION, this will do. Mega difficult to find in it's original form, I gathered the tracks up from all sorts of places and made my own until I pick up the vinyl. Well done everyone involved.

Side 1
1) Rebels Rule –Iron Virgin (1974)
2) Good Time Fanny –Angel (1974)
3) Rock To The Jukebox –Peter D Kelly (1974)
4) Beautiful Child –Buster (1976)
5) Zap N Cat -The Bubbles (1975)
6) Standing In The Road –Blackfoot Sue (1972)
7) There’s A Raver Coming Home –Sisters (1974)

Side 2
1) Will You Stop That -Ruby Pearl (1974)
2) Cigarettes Women & Wine –Chicory Tip (1973)
3) The Apple And The Arrow -Silver Pony (1976)
4) Right On –Zappo (1973)
5) Hot Rod –Willy Zango And The Mechanics (1973)
6) Peter Gunn -Thunder Poad (1973)
7) Vanessa’s Luminous Dogcoat -Edwina Biglet And The Miglets (1972)