Sunday, 17 June 2012


Most of the posts on here that are actually about SILVERY are usually so I can write things down that I'm in danger of forgetting, and this is one is no exception.

In late 2003, or more likely early 2004, proto SILVERY members me and Mr Pull were pondering the hot topics of the day. Much of the first 3 or 4 years of the band was spent theorising about the band and occasionally rehearsing - gigs were nonexistent - not because we weren't match fit but usually because we were unhappy with the current styling of hats the band were wearing or we had lost our stock of fancy dress medals that we'd present ourselves during songs after particularly tricky solos. Or a good bit of dancing. I remember one occasion when a gig was cancelled last minute because we didn't have a funny enough idea to open with. Bands doing skits instead of an opening song. It was a simpler time. Our fan base of about 5 people preferred the music being kept to a minimum and the chatter being tightly rehearsed and catchy.

Anyway, at this particular brainstorming drinks (in the Barrowboy & Banker at London Bridge as I recall - an awful place but with nice pictures on the wall totally in keeping with the Medieval pamphlets all our flyers and website at the time pinched wholesale. I'd hate to see it now) we were trying to get to the bottom of the current spate of bands that sounded like that early wobbly incarnation of SILVERY. Franz Ferdinand were one single old (the SILVERY-esque 'Darts Of Pleasure') and we'd heard a couple of Fiery Furnaces tunes (both being built around devil's intervals and whole tone scales - our daring stock in trade in a very bland post-Libertines London). The FF initials puzzled us. Add to this The Features who added some dizzying hammond organ to the mix and we were flummoxed. The meeting revolved around if we should hurl ourselves into forever by changing our name to the slightly more clunky 'FFILVERY'. Seriously. Matters were confused further by the addition of Scissor Sisters - again, one single old at that point, the original release of 'Laura' (not the later hit reissue) that Mr Pull genuinely thought was one of my 4 track demos being played on the radio when he first heard it. I got less and less flattered by that the more I'd heard from the band over the years and wince slightly writing it here for you but it was heady days of young ambition from our easily puzzled heroes. Perhaps we should change the name to SSILVERY? It's best I don't tell the Hot Hot Heat story - especially when a Silvery trip to the seaside (The Astoria) resulted in seeing both the FF bands and the HHH allin one go.

As the SS vs FF debate spiralled on through the night, a stunning reveal happened - like the end of The Usual Suspects - as we looked around the bar at the Olde Englishe Elizabethan wall coverings - we began noticing that all the S's were written as F's and all the F's were written as S's! We had discovered the Long 'S' and while we didn't understand it, all the world seemed right again. Silvery remained Silvery, but at least we had an excuse now when we accidentally spelled it wrong. Of course, as the phrase 'for fucks sake' got handily shortened over generations of evolution to a simple FFS, Silvery got their very first t-shirt logo. In theory at least. Note: I don't know what the picture illustrating this story is about. I found it while looking for the fabled 'FILVERY' gig flyer on the OFFICIAL SILVERY HARD DRIVE and figured this was far more interesting. It is called 'Cock Fight' and is testament to just how wonderful those early demo sleeves were.

STOP PRESS: In 2015, one of early Silvery's biggest influences Sparks teamed up with Franz Ferdinand as 'FFS'. You couldn't make it up!