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Ahead of the release of the great SILVERY Christmas double A side (don't worry, I think it will be a free download) 'CHRISTMAS IS EASY' / 'CHRIST ON A BIKE', I thought I'd get in the festive spirit by making my wants list public. You'll know my collection of tat is well on its way, but I've got stuck on a few things. Oh boy do I want these bad boys. But like all the best bad boys they don't come out to play often.

Go Go Thunder – 'The Race' / 'Mrs. Mann' –RCA 2494 (1975) - A spin off from the amazing Rescue Company Number 1 who released a string of truly brilliant singles in the early 70s, Go Go Thunder were one of those wonderful late Glam era pretend bands who tried their luck trying to sound like Sparks / Bowie / Roxy and even a fair chunk of early Move. Surely it's not that good is it? Well yes and no. But if you're on a particularly tricky level on GT5 and listen to this repeatedly you will suddenly realise that it's the only single you'll ever need. The flip is as mad, with the same fruity sax that punctuate most of the decent singles of the era and slightly amusing lyrics that are so hatefully catchy. You know those songs Brel wrote for men - those sad and amusing ones that look people up and down and see that there probably isn't anything worth doing except looking out for number one, even if that is more problematic than it seems at first? Well, those Rescue Co. No. 1 fellows (by way of their brilliant writers) nearly trump them. But this time you can do the Mud dance. Unfortunately. Thanks to the Purepop blog for the picture.

Bubbles –'This Is Where The Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Meenie Man Came In' / 'Zap N' Cat' –Decca Y-10832 (1975) - All you probably need to know about this is that yes, that is the title and yes it is sung in the chorus. Donovan fronting Roxy Music having a go at Wig Wam Bam? That doesn't do it justice somehow. The flip is that God awful thing 'Proto-Punk' - a cop out for quite a lot of shit, but here it is space age and threatening. And sung by someone who appears to be unfamiliar with the song. And singing. The picture is from the last time it was on eBay and went for about A THOUSAND SHEETS. The single that is usually said to have started the whole Junkshop Glam genre, and a far more worthy single to wear that crown than those lumbering but still fantastic Iron Virgin or Hector 45s. Also of note is an earlier single by Bubbles that I picked up on the off chance it was the same gang. It is also great. Lesson learnt: Call your band Bubbles.

Booby Trap – 'Kelly, Grace & Sally' / 'The Hooker' –Ariola 13 336 (1974) - If you thought Catapult were a bit much, your head will probably explode when you see this lot. A great example of the problematic Junkshop Glam genre were the B Side could never ever live up to the A Side (most of these bands were bluesy folkies at heart and you can imagine the rehearsal room battles to get the 'real' them on the flip) but with 'Kelly, Grace & Sally' leading the charge it's almost irrelevant. The picture is pinched from the Nederglam site, the one that is the companion to the brilliant 'Clap Your Hands & Stamp Your Feet' compilation that pretty much decided for me that if it wasn't out on a Dutch label in 1974 it isn't worth bothering with. Speaking of which:

Pantherman – 'Pantherman' / 'You Are My Friend' –Polydor 2050315 (1974) - I actually had this one. But fucking hell why did I let it go? WHY? Because I bought a swimming pool with the proceeds. Everyone likes this. That is a fact. Frank Klunhaar is a cool cat. Like that talking cat who goes on about old pianos and long johnsons. And that's the coolest sort of cat you can get. Virginia Plain could've been as good as this. Another track that reached a wider audience after being compiled onto the Dutch Glam compilation mentioned above, hopefully a second volume will pick up the other glorious Pantherman recordings like the flip of this single, the rather sexy 'You Are My Friend'. Pawsome.
Various - Killed By Glam Volume One - Moonboot MB01 (2009) - Home to the first two listed singles here and a whole lot more. Often gets derided for it's shoddy sound quality but that is massively missing the point. Look at it! (The picture is at the top) If you get to the other end of this record and you don't start dressing differently and imagining you are on a mid 70s European pop show something is wrong. Actually, no, you are right. I think I probably had too much coffee and I'd been meaning to wear those trousers for ages. And that hat. And I've always liked silk. That's Zappo on the cover. He's OK. I got the inferior 2nd volume (Pictured just there) with no problems but this one is being a little more tricky. I'd also add Glam Sandwich to this list too because that's ace but the cover isn't half as funny. And lets face it, when you're forking out FIFTY SHEETS plus for an old single, that's half the battle.

It's with a sadness that I realise the days of waking up with a boxed AT-AT at the end of the bed and sitting down to watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark with some Lego figures sat on the arms of the chair are long gone. Thank God then for 40 year old records and feeling safe in the knowledge that Christmas is easy. Yes, 'Christmas Is Easy' / 'Christ On A Bike' will be out on 3rd December 2012.

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