Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hard to believe it's been a year since these two excitable Silvery Christmas Disco posts HERE and HERE - and even harder to believe the promises of new tunes in 2012 never materialised (Bar the not entirely serious and not entirely sober CHRISTMAS IS EASY EP which is OUT NOW and FREE!) But we have been busy and album 3 is all recorded and ready for mixing. 2012 was good, but didn't have a minute to myself.

But before that, a very short up date for the Christmas Disco. A CRACKING Junkshop Glam selection which should sit quite nicely with those older podcasts up there for when they get dusted down again this month (I still get teary eyed at some of those tunes). I think this new one is quite Christmassy, but not entirely. And it certainly sums up last Christmas playing GT5 listening to Glam also rans (see most of 2012's blogs. BTW, some kindly folks helped me out with a few of the items HERE so I go into the festive season a very happy chap.

Have a really super Christmas and we will see you in 2013 with some new ROCK. XXX