Monday, 7 January 2013


A couple of hours after I posted the below, Bowie announced his first new album in a decade. Sods law. I'm not really going to talk about the new single because it's all be said by my perennial pains in the internet arse - Those Who Shout Loudest. His frail voice makes it sound heartbreaking. Anyway - this is the scuppered birthday blog featuring a small collection of Bowie spoofs. "For my annual Bowie birthday post (this last one here has links to others), I was going to do a selection of bad David Bowie t shirts nicked off eBay because some are just shocking (just take a look on there - I assume most of these are by toddlers who told their mummys that they want to design clothes, have seen Labyrinth and there was never a problem them getting the money to go into business) but I decided late last night to cobble together a selection of Bowie spoof songs from various places. Hence I only found the 6 I've got so it's by no mean complete. Maybe a project for next year? HBD Jonesy, enjoy your retirement and don't worry about needing to do anything (LOL New Bowie Album Ed.) Here's the spoof songs. 30MB various bitrates featuring Flight Of The Concordes, HeeGeeBeeGees, Shirehorses, Liam Lynch, Stella Street and a peach from Horrible Histories. I doubt the little chaps watching that would've chuckled heartily at the similarity to 'Changes'."