Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Been accidently overdoing the Bowie on here a bit recently. Nothing wrong with that. Here's a treat. I've started doing a proper version if this that features the complete story, but this 30 minute first effort will do for now, just to see if it works and because I doubt I'll finish the proper one. In the style of one of those old He Man tape and book sets, the SILVERY 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' audio adventure megamix. There's been many versions of Walter Trevis' 1963 Sci Fi novel over the years, and this tries to bring them all together using elements from the film (yes, the Bowie one), the music from the film by among others Stomu Yamashta and John Phillips (quite hard to find anywhere these days), an 80s audiobook (excuse the tape hiss), tracks from Bowie's 'Low' album (which as you may have suspected, stems partly from his own aborted film soundtrack), a late 90s American musical version (!) and the 1987 TV movie. Yes it's a mess, but hey, what on here isn't? I also began sticking in some contempory Bowie interview bits and bobs too for the hell of it which probably ruins it. So I guess ride the levels right and enjoy! P.S. I've been enjoying the new album much more than the previous slighty cynical entry probably lets on. 'So She' is just sooooooo good.

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