Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Well well. I write this for you during a strangely active week in the Silvery camp. You will have no doubt heard the exclusive cover of David Bowie's super sombre 'After All' on the officially Bowie-Tweeted-n-Facebooked Podrophenia radio show, and we are just about to see the broadcast of the fairly surreal 'Gelato Go Home' animation on Channel 4 to which Silvery provided the electronic (or is that motorik?) retro Euro disco soundtrack. In the meantime, we provided a link to a track from the new album HERE and invited people to make a video for it. All this just as the first video 'Horrors' made the Top 25 animated videos ever list on Creative Blog. That was by the same talented chaps who did the 'Horrors' and 'Naked & The Dead' videos. Amazing.

Anyway, the new album is nearly finished. A few tweaks here and there as you'd expect, and some amusing sleevenotes are all it needs now. The final track (the 8 minute 'Life & Nonlife) is the only track that needs a final mix. It's all sounding fantastic, living up to and hopefully exceeding the previous 2 albums. It will be titled 'Etiquette'. What a pretty word, but also what a brutal idea. Musically you've heard most of it before of course, but the addition of some pedal steel, brass and woodwind, Glitter Band guitar and whatever vintage synths we could find should be enough to keep the interest up. And the minidiscs of found Silvery sounds gets raided again.
Lyrically too we're in new territory. Let's just say that 'You Answered Your Own Question' is not the most wordy of the songs. And 'Aokigahara Jive' is a bugger to sing. I'll give you a track by track rundown when it's mastered, which I hope should be in the next couple of weeks. Or months knowing us. By the way, that picture up there might be the cover unless I can sort out something better. We discard the photo of me in a dress already, but the 4 astronauts outfits in the box in the corner might come into play.