Thursday, 22 August 2013


Finally, and in keeping with our strange habit of only releasing albums in August, 'Etiquette' is out. It is available as a pay what you wish (including nothing!) download on our Bandcamp page HERE.

You'll notice our other two previous albums are there too - kindly linked from the Blow Up Records Bandcamp page. You'll have to pay for them though if you don't have them already.

They make a nice little trilogy and one I've very proud of. What next then? People have been asking about getting the new album on a disc of some sort. I'm not sure about that. Perhaps a tape cassette issue would be nice?

Why is it free? In this day and age, why the hell not? Giving away a 14 track album for free is our big gutsy artistic statement in these dire times. Silvery, the band who like to give. And now, apart from a few previous joke releases on our Bandcamp page (the 'London Riots 2011' is still talked about in some quarters, and the 'Christmas Is Easy' EP ruined the festive season for lots of people), I'm thinking this is a good way forward to get the music to you, directly from us.

That is unless some moneybags comes along. Offers to the usual address. Over & out. XX