Monday, 16 December 2013


Oh look, I'm drunk. Lets review a reasonably busy year. As I sit here, 'Shimmy Shimmy' from the new album sits on the free end of year CD with long time Silvery supporters Vive Le Rock magazine which is nice. 2013 started off nicely with the commission for a Silvery soundtrack to 'Gelato Go Home' - a splendid animation by the Trunk team behind a couple of our super pop videos. It premiered on Channel 4 in the summer to glowing reviews, especially the strangely melancholic 70s ambient / motorik music contained within. No plans to release that piece yet as you know Silvery are keen on filling up that Anthology boxset in a few years time. Do look out for continued screenings of it on TV and the festival circuit.
Another track destined for the SILVERYTHOLOGY was a strangely sombre version recorded one rehearsal of David Bowie's 'After All'. Hardly the song to get the party started anyway, I like to think we squeezed the last bit of life out of it. It was made for the super Podrophenia radio show and lo and behold, was promoted via the official Bowie website. An honour to think he knows we crucified a song he probably doesn't remember recording.
2 extra curricular recordings that may not turn up on the SILVERYTHOLOGY that featured Silvery fingerprints were released officially this year. Firstly, a long awaited remix for our Asian pop megastar pal Jay 'dropped' late summer and signed off on a promise for us to do something together that goes back about 7 years. Indeed, as long ago as the hazy Jazz After Dark fan club shows and the legendary (in some circles) Silvery electric bass turned up at one of Jay's MJ tribute shows at the Hippodrome standing in for Slash's axe. It's a funny old world. One part hip hop, and one part Austin Powers lounge pastiche, you can picture the puzzled looks on the faces of the Silvery and Jay faithful alike.
In October, hidden on the flipside of the new The Fierce & The Dead single ' Ark' you would have found a piece of non site specific melancholic nostalgious chordular instigation on vocal abstractulisation upon the returned loop of reverbulated guitar featuring the weary yet alluring tones of our James and axe totalling of TFATD guitar man Matt Stevens. As avant garde pickle pops go, it's decent. Hopefully a signal to bigger abstractions and head scratchings later on, primarily to annoy. Again, we've been talking about doing something for years so that feels like a nice gentle shutting of the door.
A big Silvery release this year, namely the official 3rd album 'Etiquette' in August which some people will have you believe is the best Silvery album. 3 albums in 5 years? Not bad. Especially considering all the tunes were written over the course of 2 week long spell in two consecutive summers. After some frankly dark thoughts about just how ridiculous the whole charade of releasing records is, and doing the ridiculous dance of driving up to Manchester to play some songs badly live on the radio, AND realising that you've finally made your way through the ENTIRITY of London's most likely new Silvery recruits, the band dutifully uploaded the album for free (well, pay what you want) to the Facebook page via Bandcamp. Like those days when you'd get those collections of Silvery demos uploaded that would be taken back down quickly the next morning when they'd sobered up. Predictably, the album didn't set the world alight, but made it's money back almost immediately and closed the door on a really really nasty few years. What do you mean there's a new album? You should've liked the FB page, dude. It certainly contains some of the best Silvery songs, and develops the sound (well, turning up the room mics on the drums). I like to think there is some excellent footage of us doing 'The Ronald Opus' on some Dutch TV show in 1974. Likewise, I'm pretty sure Suede played 'Life & Non-Life' when I saw them back in '92.
'In The Hall Of The Mountain King' was uploaded to Soundcloud as a Halloween treat and to preview the proposed instrumental EP which had been selected as our Christmas release (we firmly believe no one wants to hear Silvery actually sing anymore) which would've be out on 2nd December. In reality, just some odds and ends we had lying around but we do like giving the faithful free stuff. Maybe I'll have finished looking through the demo shoebox under my bed in time for Easter.
Oh, and also a reissue the LEGENDARY 'Christmas Is Easy' EP from 2012. Singer James had a baby boy too in October. He's called Obolus Harrison Ford which might explain why the pop thing doesn't seem that important anymore. See you in 2014 loves. X

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