Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Eight Tracks A Week (No, That Doesn't Work)

You might remember this post from a while back of contemporary Bowie sound-a-likes I compiled for fun from various Hot Hits and Top Of The Pops albums (well, to satisfy my personal twisted tastes). I thought it about time to upload what could be considered part 2, and try to get in the swing of ripping 8 Track Cartridges to MP3 (again, yeah I know).This is a beauty. 1974 incarnate. A mix of 10 Bowie and Bolan Glam hits covered quite admirably, if minus a correct lyric sheet. You can tell my nearly new Akai CR-81 was about to give up on some of it. I doubt this has been listened to by ANYONE since the year it was originally released, and I certainly haven't seen any evidence of another copy online. I've listed the artist as 'Charm', which not only sounds suitably Junk Shop Glam, but is also the name of the label this was released on. To follow will be a similar Bowie / Elton John collection, and if you're really lucky, the fabled Bowie covers album by The Leopards. Another gem from 1974. Enjoy! MP3 320kbps / 79 MB / Artwork included / LINK